Nico Dockx
from 15 October 2007 to 15 December 2007

Nico Dockx (Antwerp, 1974) is not just an artist, a musician, a curator and an editor, but he’s also a real group memory collector, able to transform every occasion into a discovery to learn and develop a common life diary.

«Artist, archivist, film producer, librarian, curator, graphic designer, translator… it is a long list but all these definitions can be used individually or together to describe Nico Dockx’s creative activity» (Elena Filipovic)

Some of Nico Dockx’s works are displayed in international important museums such as MuHKA in Antwerp,CCA in Kitakyushu and Centre International d’art et du paysage in Vassiviere. The artist has also been a guest at Venice Biennial 2003 and in 2007 he won a residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin. After a first exhibition in Bologna at neon>campobase, he has his second one in 2006 together with the group Building Transmissions, in occasion of GAM closure.

Through time & today project, showed in two different ways at Nosadella.due and at neon>campobase (as part of the residency program Blackout he attends together with Andreas Golinski), is the development of a work the artist has been doing for almost ten years. As a collection of a life archive, the research investigates the impossibility to reach a unique solution for the interpretation of events arose by situations, dialogs, images, relationships, exchanges and different points of view intertwining.

At neon>campobase, Dockx presents a triple version of Through time & today video, which shows three different possible narrative approaches. Three good styles for the same situation- the video final version already screened, the one previously discarded and the one showing the original shooting process – suggest time flowing and a defined coding impossibility.

At Nosadella.due, Through time & today develops during the two months experience in Bologna and turns into an artist’s book written with Helena Sidiropoulos (Belgian writer and artist who collaborated with Dockx for several projects) which illustrates a double view of materials belonging to a common time but also to a different perception and experience. A book with others’ contributions (Andrea Viliani, Elisa Del Prete, Gino Giannuizzi) which become new experience documents and with Dougles Park’s participation, as special reader who had already collaborated with Nico Dockx and who is able to offer a connection with the audience during his double performance at the opening.

During the exhibition, together with the publication, in Nico and Helena private space at Nosadella.due it is publically screened a collection of images chosen and organized by two different approaches to re-lived things reality, through the two artists’ archive material.

Lastly, a neon sign on the outside of the building, which is actually a childish doodle part of the same story, represents a chapter in the city life and a call to the residency.