Lupe Nuņez Fernandez
from 20 January 2007 to 28 January 2007

Lupe Núñez-Fernández (Seville, 1975) is a writer and editor and she lives between London and Madrid. Her research manly aims to video-art.
She was invited at Nosadella.due for Mobili, together with Chris Sharp, for a residency period ended with the selection of the artists André Guedes and Xana Kudrjavcev-DeMilner, for the residency program Transits.

After classical studies –graduating in Ancient Greece – she got a Ph.D. in History of Modern Art at the Courtauld Institute of London Univeristy with Joanna Woodall. Later Lupe specialized herself as a filmmaker for artistic documentation videos and started writing for a few art magazines such as «ArtReview Magazine» and «Modern Painters Magazine». She currently continues freelance collaboration activity for «NextLevel» and she is also editor of the Saatchi Gallery blog, for which she is special projects creator and coordinator. Lupe is also part of the pop-electronic music international duo Pipas.