Live stop-motion filming
A workshop by Reynold Reynolds
19>25 October 2011
from 19 October  to 25 October 

From the 19th to the 25th of October 2011 Nosadella.due will host a workshop of the American artist Reynold Reynolds Live stop-motion filming, in the context of the program work.lab by déjà.vu, a project developing an experimental research on contemporary language which involves in a dialogical and participatory manner, artists, students, the public and various locations of Bologna.

Unique within the experience of work.lab, the workshop of Reynolds will be dedicated to the domestic context of the residency Nosadella.due: the realization of a video, inspired by the imaginary of the Thirties, will bring back the house to its origin. By adopting techniques and supports that are typical of Reynolds’ practice, as stop-motion, time-lapse, digital cameras and 16mm films, the participants will move as if they were inside a cinematographic set, in front and behind the objective, by playing roles or directing scenes, by taking care of the photography or the camera movements until an involvement in the post-production process.

Selected by a commettee composed by Lelio Aiello (curator of work.lab), Elisa Del Prete (director of Nosadella.due), Silvia Fanti (director of Xing) and Guido Molinari (art critic), the participants, from Italy and abroad, will be: Claire Bosi (Italy 1985), Maurizio Buquicchio (Italy 1981), Sigurdur Unnar-Birgisson (Iceland 1987), Giovanni Copelli (Italy 1989), Florian Fusco (Germany 1981), Sebastian Melo (Chile 1976), Olga Pavlenko (Ukraine 1982), Angelica Porrari (Italy 1985), Jacopo Jenna (Italy 1980), Nat Wilms (Germania 1976).

At the end of the workshop, the final video will be presented to the public on Tuesday 25th of October.

Reynold Reynolds (Central Alaska 1966) is an American artist who lives and works in Berlin. He realises films-intallations, documentaries and short experimental films. His works are dedicated to the theme of physical and psychic disturbance by insisting on the idea of transformation as source of decay, and testing the sense of unease and impotence of the public. His research moves between philosophy, science, technology and time and it is developed through a cinematographic language that uses as principal tools 16mm films, HD photography and stop-motion. The Secret Trilogy is a film cycle that can be considered emblematic of his work. Reynolds graduated in Physics at the University of Colorado and then a M.F.A at the School of Visual Arts di New York. He realized many personal shows, as, recently, one at the Galerie Zink in Berlin, at the gallery West at the Hague, at the Wien Kunsthalle, and at Lokal_30 in Warsaw. Among his collective shows, he participated to: Knotting: Swarm in the era of Digital Media, Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan, (2011); Uber die Metapher des Wachstums at the Kunstverein in Hannover (2011); Videonale 13 at Kunstmuseum in Bonn (2011). He received the Festival Award for his work Secret Life at the European Media Art Festival of Osnabrueck in 2008, the Distinction Award for Six Apartments at the Transmediale Berlin in 2009 and the special mention of the Jury for Last Day of the Republic at the Videoformes Festival in 2011.

From the 3rd to the 9th of November 2011, Spazio Ex-Brun and Raum will host the second laboratory-event of work.lab In un luogo imprecisato, directed by the artist Liliana Moro in collaboration with Francesco Fonassi and Maria Caterina Frani. 

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